Week 1: Let's see what I'm made of

Let me just give you a brief rundown of me:

I just graduating from CSUF with a degree in Kinesiology.  For those of you that DON'T know what Kinesiology is, here is the definition: The study of the anatomy, physiology, and mechanics of body movement, especially in humans.

Pretty much what I went to school for seven years for was to learn about exercise and sport.  In high school I was an athlete.  I enjoyed what I did and decided in College that I wanted to teach everyone something that I loved.  So, I majored in Kinesiology with an emphasis on Clinical Exercise Science... now tell me how dumb it looks when you are an EXERCISE major and you are overweight?  Tell me why I had all the tools at my fingertips and NEVER utilized them? 

Why?  Because I was lazy and often put my health and fitness on the back burner.  Money was more important, work was more important, love was more important. FOOD, yup, food was more important.

As you will see on my video, here is my timeline of weight:
*Note I am 5 foot 2 inches*
  • 2002: 150 lbs (Super satisfied)
  • 2004: 203 lbs (50 lbs in two years?!)
  • 2006: 215 lbs (I should have figured out I had a problem then)
  • 2008: 233 lbs (OMG!)
  • 2010: 199 lbs (We're getting there)
Now when you look at the weight, and you consider my height, you might be thinking 150 lbs is NOT good!  Let me tell you something, the National BM Index is a big joke.  It does not take into consideration different body types.  There are three basic body types:
  • Ectomorph: Thin and Narrow
  • Endomorph: Round and Fat
  • Mesomorph: Muscular and Genetically Fit
I fall in between the Mesomorph and the Endomorph, I am by no means thin and narrow.  And I never really wanted to be super thin.  I loved my 150lb muscular body!  Anyhow, what I'm trying to say is that all of the "general" weight guidelines out there are only going to make you feel more self conscious about yourself.  Throw those out the window.  There is also another way to measure how well you're doing, percentage of body fat.  Here are the guidelines for male and female:

Age  |>30        |30-50   |50+

F      |14-21% |15-23% |16-25%

M     |9-15%   |11-17% |12-19%

This is a more accurate way to measure your fitness and health levels, but I still would not go strictly by this guideline.  You have to learn your body, look at yourself and think about how you feel. 

I would definitely go by body fat percentage if I had the tools, but I do not.  So I am going to weigh myself weekly and quite possibly do measurements monthly.  I will look for results on the scale and on the measurements, but I will look for results more within myself.  How do I feel walking up those stairs?  How do I feel playing with my kids?  How do I feel waking up every day?

Please let me know if you have any questions, and feel free to comment.  Please, please also remember to follow me! I would love to get more followers so that we can begin giveaways and have contests.  TTFN! (aka, taa taa for now. lol)


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