Day 1 of P90X, The Recovery!

This is how I look today, as compared to yesterday on my video (where I looked beat! lol):

I still look pretty bad, considering I have not been getting sleep (new baby), and I'm needing to wake up early to take my kids to school, but still... this looks a little better, doesn't it?! lol.

Last night was my first attempt at the p90x.  It was a semi-success.  Since I am a mother, and have a 9 week-old son, it was extremely difficult to follow the video to the T.  My son kept crying for mommy's attention and was fussy because he wanted to get to sleep.  Being super honest here, I only did half of the chest and back workout because I had to feed him.  I finished the ab ripper x though.  Now let me tell you how it went exactly:

Day one consists of chest and back and then the ab ripper x.  I did the first half of chest and back.  I had to do assisted push-ups (on your knees) and pull-ups (using a chair, you put one foot on the chair and use the rest of your body to pull up).  My numbers were pretty decent considering what numbers they were doing on the video, so I was satisfied.  But hot damn it was hard!  I mean the first 6 minutes of "warming up" was hard!  That has to tell you how out of shape I must be. lol.  I used bands instead of weights (because I am poor, and because you can manipulate the bands to change resistance) and it worked wonderfully for me.

[Speaking of price, people think that working out and eating healthy is so expensive, heck I thought that at first.  But, actually, it's not!  I purchased the p90x off of the infamous CRAIGSLIST for $30.  I think that was an awesome deal.  I got the bands for FREE from my boyfriend's brother.  I also purchased the bar full price from Big 5 for $20.  All in all, I spent $50 to start a 12 week exercise program.  Waaaaaaay cheaper than a gym membership, that's for sure.]

Now onward!  I was unable to complete decline push ups, I attempted one and my elbows buckled and I fell to the ground.  The point is, I attempted it!  The ab ripper x, that was EXTREMELY difficult.  I can not for the life of me pull myself up completely without using my hands, so when I had to do those sit-ups, I pulled myself up as much as possible and went back down.  The point is NOT to be super good at it, it's to know that you are attempting it.  I made sure to always keep my heart rate up even if I could not complete the tasks.

Now how do I feel today?  Well, besides being exceptionally sore, I feel great.  Sore means it works, and sore feels good in some strange way to me, lol!  I'm tired, but I'm glad I pressed play yesterday... now to press play again today! 

How are you doing with your workout?  If you haven't begun it when do you plan to begin?  If you have any questions please feel free to let me know.  TTFN! :)


Fit B said...

Keep at it girl!!!! The first week was the hardest but it gets easier and easier. I am at the point now where I am addicted to working out like i love it so much it has become a part of my daily routine

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