Food/Supplement Recommendation of The Week

I am NOT following the p90x diet or taking their supplements.  As you have read, I'm trying to be nifty with the little money that I have!  I did discover, thanks to this video: Mike's p90x Transformation Michi's Ladder.  As stated, follow the first two tiers and your diet will be good!  I am an easy person to persuade.  So changing my diet should be pretty simple for me.  I love ALL foods, so I shouldn't have that much of a problem, should I?  We'll see about that. :)

Yesterday I made stuffed bell peppers.  Instead of using vegetable oil, I used olive oil.  That was the ONLY change I made. Haha!  But hey, it's a step up right?  I ate a vegetable, ate some protein, and had a little bit of carbs.  Now I have a family, so just throwing them into a new eating style is not going to fly, especially with my kids!  So I made them tostadas.  I LOVE tostadas, so I made myself a little tiny one. Oops!  I couldn't resist. :)

I'm telling you, I'm SLOWLY changing my diet.  So bear with me.  One good thing that I do is I drink water all day!  I recommend drinking at least 32 oz. of water, but I drink at least 64 oz.  No joke, I LOVE water!  I drink water at every meal.  I have cut out mostly all juices, and ALL sodas.  I really have not been interested in soda for years now, which is a good thing.  I drink milk twice a day at the most.  I know for some of you it's going to be hard, so I recommend slowly replacing one drink with water every day.  Soon enough you'll be enjoying water with every meal and snack.  Now if you can not get used to water, please feel free to add a packet of 0 calorie flavoring in it!  My boyfriend loves doing this.  It makes the water taste way better for him, and it won't put a damper on the carbs or calories he's consuming each day.

I also am taking a prenatal vitamin to get all of my vitamins in for the day.  It's cheap!  I bought a bottle of 500 tablets for like $13 from Target.  I always recommend buying the generic brand of everything!  I used to be a pharmacy clerk, so I know that all generic OTC or prescription vitamins and medications must be the same as the name brand.  So essentially, you are paying for the NAME and nothing else when buying the name brand.

By the end of this week I will have better ideas for you.  Since I just started my transformation, I have not gone shopping or cleaned out my pantry yet.  Stay tuned for more next week (or sooner!)


Fit B said...

Hey good start!
I have started sneaking in changes into our cooking lol and no one seems to notice or mind! I use the 99% lean ground turkey instead of beef, stuff like that.
Good idea about the prenatal vitamin!
I linked up your blog on my blog roll we need to link up :)

Anonymous said...

I love that idea, I'm going to look into that for replacing meat!

I totally will link up to your blog... if you can help me! Tell me how to do it! lol

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