Two Weeks Down: What Am I Doing?!

So Sunday was weigh in... and still the same WEIGHT!  You don't even understand how PO'd I was.  But, I continue to tell myself that my body is adjusting to the muscle mass I am building.  I did save a pair of pants from 5 years ago, a Juniors size 13.  Because I was so upset, and I did not see the change on the scale, I decided to try on those pants.  Low and behold, they fit me! (A little big I must say).  In 2008, I was in a size 18 and the size 18 fit me really snug.  Right before I got pregnant with my third son in 2009 I was a size 16.  Now, I am a (misses) size 14 or smaller!  I was so ecstatic yesterday.  That goes to show that something good is happening here!  I do feel smaller.  I am able to hold my stomach in better.  My clothes are all big (a shopping spree needs to come sometime soon! lol). 

I have looked online at the results of the p90x and I have come to the conclusion that most everyone gains weight within the first week, and doesn't lose significant weight until the third cycle.  So I am keeping my faith in the p90x and hoping that my hard work will pay off!

Yesterday was day 15, chest and back.  It took me a long time to get motivated.  I seriously wanted to skip out on the workout, but I found the motivation somewhere and pushed play!  I tried really hard, and pushed myself to the limit.  By about 40 minutes in I was feeling nauseous, like I was going to vomit, but I kept pushing myself.  I actually did REAL push-ups yesterday! Yes!  A year ago I would have never even attempted a push-up.  I am completely proud of myself for this.  I know that I am getting stronger and building muscle, because now I can hang with my workout partner! lol.  Oh, and I absolutely LOVE the female on this video.  She is awesome, and I want to have her mind set by the end of the 90 days.

I am super excited to finish this week, because next week it changes up to a totally different schedule, and I get to measure myself and take photos again!  WOOT WOOT!  Wish me luck guys, and I hope you are doing well with your journey.


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